Small Business

By taking advantage of our high performance business management program, you will grow your business faster and generate more profit. Our experienced, knowledgeable, certified accountants will guide the way; leaving you free to do what you do best!

There are 3 objectives of our program:

  1. Achieve better financial control over profitability and cash flow!
  2. Understand the value of your business and how it fits into your plans for the future.
  3. Minimize taxes now and into the future, leaving you with more cash to enjoy doing the things you love to do! What would you do with extra $$$ every year?

Keep reading to see if our program is the right fit for your business goals!

Qualification criteria of each company we work with

There is a qualification process for each company that we take on as clients. We only work with companies that want to achieve the 3 objectives above. We want to ensure you're ready now and you'll implement what you commit to.

This program is for the companies with growth potential. It can produce amazing results for you; however, it's not for everyone.

Who it's not for

  • Companies who have a track record of not taking advice
  • Small companies - you need to be established and have at least $500K in annual revenue
  • Large companies - if you're over $20M, then we can look at something different - apply anyway

Who is it for

  • Ambitious companies who want to increase their profits and cash flow
  • Implementer - must have a track record of implementation
  • Good people who are fun to work with!

The process from here

You can apply using the form below. We will review your information and get back to you very quickly.

The next step after your application with be a Zoom call or in-person meeting with one of our experienced team members and all of your owners (as applicable). We'll have more questions for you so we can get a "feel" for your company and if our businesses are the right partners to help you prosper!

Once we both agree that it's going to work, we'll design a business plan for you, tell you how much it's going to be, and get started on building your business and financial life!